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The Women's Center


The Women’s Center was founded 19 years ago to provide women with new opportunities in health and personal well-being. We resist the "big office/big medicine" model and remain independent, small and personal.  One-on-one care in this setting allows us to promise you confidentiality, integrity and excellence.

We would be honored for you to choose us to be part of your life, your health and your family.



Our mission is to create an environment for women’s care and education that is both comfortable and professional.  We provide complete obstetric and gynecologic care as well as primary care for women.  We strive to serve as a source for information on women’s health issues.  A lending library (print and video) is available as well as information on local resources for women.  We try to help you identify and navigate your persoanal and highly individual healthcare needs.  An integrated approach to care is provided through links with other caregivers that women have found to be helpful. Our clinical staff, led by Dr. Bendell and Nurse Practitioner Karen Manning, will make every effort to ensure that your visit to our practice is as comfortable and productive as possible.

Philosophy of Care:

At the Women's Center we take the concept of “patient centered care” literally – you are the boss and it is all about you!  Our approach to health care is very simple; safety first, problem management second.  Any concern you bring to us will receive a full evaluation to rule out causes that pose an immediate health risk (cancer, anemia, thyroid disease etc.).  If immediate action is needed (i.e. medications, surgery) we will ensure that the best and safest steps are taken.  However, the vast majority of women's health issues (i.e. pain, bleeding, incontinence, depression etc.) are not life threatening and a careful step-wise approach is appropriate.  At the Women's Center, once safety has been ensured, we will clearly present your management options and you decide what treatments (if any) makes the most sense - after all, you are the only one who experiences your symptoms and knows what is or isn’t working!

 Advanced Services, Convenience and Holistic Care:

Through advanced training and an exceptional staff we provide you with the best of existing technology while maintaining very personal and confidential care.  For the best use of your time we provide extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services on site including laboratory, ultrasound (3D/4D), urodynamics, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, semen analysis, ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination, and LEEP.  For your comfort (and value) we perform many traditionally hospital based procedures within our office (tubal sterilizations, endometrial ablation, HSG, hysteroscopy).  Dr. Bendell continually advances his laparoscopic skills and was the first local surgeon to offer the minimally invasive supracervical and total laparoscopic hysterectomy (same day discharge, rapid recovery, no large incision).  Hundreds of women have benefited from Dr. Bendell’s minimally invasive (and often non-surgical) approach to vaginal prolapse and urine incontinence.  Dr. Bendell’s PhD in Reproductive Biology has translated into many successful pregnancies for couples suffering from infertility.  The philosophy of caring for the whole woman has led us to develop a very successful weight management clinic.  Botox is available to help manage excessive sweating and painful sexual intercourse.  We are experts in hormone replacement therapy and the management of menopausal symptoms. 



For Your Comfort:

We understand that coming to the doctor is not everyone’s favorite way to spend time.  We work hard to make your visit as comfortable and stress free as possible.  Our office is clean and comfortable.  We have six bathrooms (very important!) and lots of on site parking.  Our staff is trained and ready to assist with all aspects of your care including booking referrals and filing and following up on your insurance.  As mentioned previously we have up-to-date educational resources available to you and maintain a list of referral physicians who have a proven record of providing high quality and compassionate care to our patient.  For your comfort we have eliminated the scratchy paper “cover-ups” and use comfortable cotton robes and sheets during exams. Fresh coffee, soda and snacks are always available - if you can't find what you are looking for please ask any of us - we truly are here to help!


“I have been a patient of Dr. Bendell for over 9 years, you will NOT find a better doctor. Very Professional, Caring, and Devoted to the care of his patient’s and family. Love his office staff as well. Thank You.

                                                   — LaShanda Moore, Mar 10, 2016

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