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Sexual Health


Sexual Health Q & A

Sexual health is intensely personal, and it might feel embarrassing to talk about it at first. But, the understanding and caring Medical Director of The Women’s Center, James Bendell, MD, PhD, in LaGrange, Georgia, is specially trained in all aspects of women’s health and sexual wellness and is here to help you overcome whatever issues you’re dealing with. The Women’s Center offers effective noninvasive treatments including Cliovana™sound wave treatment, hormone replacement, and other options to help you enjoy your best sexual health. Book an appointment through the online tool, or call the office to schedule today.

What sexual health problems affect women today?

Women can suffer from a number of sexual health problems, including:

  • Low sexual desire
  • Poor vaginal elasticity
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Pain during sex

It’s quite common to experience one or more of the following problems after childbirth or as you age. But, problems like difficulty achieving orgasm can be a problem long before you have kids or start menopause. 

How can I improve my sexual health in menopause?

The Women’s Center offers a variety of solutions for the sexual health issues that often come with menopause. Hormone replacement that restores your estrogen level is a popular option. There are a number of delivery methods, including topical creams, gels, sprays, implants, and vaginal rings.

Many patients of The Women’s Center ask about bioidentical hormones for improved sexual health in menopause. The truth is that almost all hormone replacements are actually bioidentical. It simply means that the hormones you’re taking are the closest possible copy of your natural hormones.

If hormone replacement isn’t right for you, The Women’s Center can recommend organic and behavioral changes that can help. 

What is the best sexual health treatment for pain during sex?

Cliovana is a state-of-the-art solution for lack of arousal, inability to orgasm, and pain during sex. If your sex life isn’t what you want it to be, Cliovana might be a great solution for you. During this noninvasive treatment at The Women’s Center, the device delivers sound waves to your clitoral tissue, which encourages new blood vessel growth and boosts nerve sensitivity.

Cliovana treatments are completely painless, and there's no vaginal penetration involved. You'll have four 10-minute treatment sessions total; two in the first week and two in the second week. You might enjoy improved sexual health after as little as one session, with results increasing steadily over three months.

Cliovana results last for a year or more. You can maintain the amazing benefits of Cliovana with one additional treatment each year.

Are you ready to revitalize your sexual health and wellness? The Women's Center is here to help. Book your appointment through the online scheduler or call the office to get started today.

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